Is he thinking about me when I’m thinking about him? 9 ways to tell

Are you ready to find out if he is thinking about you when you’re thinking about him?

Although it might seem impossible to know that unless you’re a mind reader, there are ways to tell.

In fact, I will share with you 9 ways that work every single time.

Let’s begin!

1) Ask the universe for a sign

Are you on this guy’s mind as often as he is on yours?

If you’d like to know, you can ask the universe for a sign!

I am serious about this. The universe often gives us signs if we ask.

But if you don’t believe me, here’s what Jack Canfield, teacher, author, and life coach says:

“The universe’s communication with you is not a one-way street. If you are ever at a loss for the direction you should take in a specific circumstance, take a moment to ask for guidance.”

In other words, if you have any questions, even if they’re about a man you are interested in, you can simply ask.

But how?

“You may want to pray for guidance to whatever Higher Power you believe in, whether you call it God, Source, Spirit, the Universe, or Infinite Intelligence,” he adds.

This means that it’s not really important what you call it, the main thing is that you have faith that it exists and is paying attention to your life.

If you don’t believe in an all-knowing, all-powerful being, then ask the universe to give you a sign anyway!

According to A Conscious Rethink, the universe may respond in the following ways:

  • Recurring experiences: you might notice the same symbol or sequence of numbers that you must analyze to understand their meaning.
  • Dreams: the universe might respond to your inquiry by giving you a dream that includes the information you are looking for.
  • A gut feeling: you might sense that your intuition is giving you an important clue.
  • Synchronicities: meaningful coincidences will happen to you that will serve as an answer to your question.
  • A feeling or image: you will get an image or a feeling that triggers the answer to your question.

So, after you ask the question, pay attention to your surroundings. The universe will come through and give you all the signs you need to know whether he’s thinking about you or not – and if he’s thinking about you at the same time as you are.

2) Ask him for an answer

Is he thinking about me when I’m thinking about him?

Ask him! If he is someone you are interested in, someone you love, or even an ex, you can simply ask him.

But, before you go ahead and do that, it would be wise to learn a bit more about how to ask a man a question so that he gives you an honest answer and doesn’t become defensive.

“Knowing how to ask questions well is about the closest the average person can come to having a superpower,” says Elizabeth Weingarten, a professional writer at QZ.

This means that you might have to take it slow to find out what you want. For example, you can’t simply ask him if he is thinking about you when you’re thinking about him because he doesn’t know when you’re thinking about him.

That makes sense, right?

While “it’s important to gear your questions around the subjects you’re most interested in,” being too direct might confuse him even more.

Instead, you could try something else. You could build up the conversation so that he comes to the topic of his own accord. Here’s how you can do that:

To get him to talk about something, you first have to casually mention it. You can say something like “I think about you a lot at night.”

This will give him the opportunity to say if he is also thinking about you at night. Or, he might say something sweet like “I think about you all the time.”

If you are thinking about him all time, you might not want to tell him that and risk thinking you’re obsessed.

So, easing him into the topic is key.

In addition, when you think about him, you could call him or text him. You’ll surprise him if he is also thinking about you and that’s how you’ll know.

3) Ask a spiritual advisor to tell you

If you don’t want to ask the universe or him whether he is thinking about you when you’re thinking about him, then you could ask a spiritual advisor.

I can tell you from personal experience that a genuine psychic can provide you with all the answers you’re looking for.

Knowing if someone is thinking about you when you’re thinking about them is not only challenging but sometimes impossible. If you’re not on speaking terms with him, it might be difficult to gauge.

When I was trying to figure out a guy’s feelings for me, I went to several spiritual advisors looking for answers.

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What’s more, they also told me how to go about my relationship with him – what was going through his mind, and soul.

And the best part?

They were right! Their advice helped me get through a difficult phase in my life and make the right decision about that guy.

Since then, I asked for many readings about many different things. They never seem to get it wrong.

That’s why I’m sure that they can help you too.

So, if you want to know whether he is thinking about you when you’re thinking about him, ask one of their genuine psychics.

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4) Pay attention to your gut feeling

Your gut feeling is your intuition and it’s almost always right.

When we listen to our intuition, it’s a guide that we trust deeply, despite any conscious or subconscious doubts that may exist.

It’s this gut instinct that should be our first or only tool in trying to make sense of the situation.

“Trusting your gut means following the physical feelings your body gives you that you are making the right or wrong decision.,” says Adrienne Cademenos.

In other words, when you ask yourself “Is he thinking about me when I’m thinking about him?” how are you feeling?

Do you experience an uncomfortable sensation in your stomach? Do you feel as if he’s not thinking about you?

Or, do you feel really good about how things are going in your relationship? Does your gut tell you that everything is working out for the best?

The answer will be different for each person, but it’s this feeling that will give you the most accurate information about his feelings.

So, when you ask yourself “Is he thinking about me when I’m thinking about him?” pay attention to your feelings.

Why does this work?

“Intuition works by drawing on patterns collected by our experience and when we have to make a quick decision about whether something is real, fake, feels good, feels bad, right or wrong, we draw on these patterns. It all happens ‘offline’, outside our conscious awareness,” says Karen Young.

The gist is that our gut instincts are always right. We just have to listen to them.

So, how are you feeling when you ask yourself “Is he thinking about me when I’m thinking about him?”

If you feel hopeful and optimistic, then you should know that he’s thinking about you when you’re thinking about him – at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

5) Pay attention to physical symptoms

Did you know that there are real physical symptoms that tell you when someone is thinking about you?

Ashley Knight, writer, and journalist says that “whenever someone thinks of you, you can clearly feel it in your body. You might have been blind to these signs simply because people around us always find random excuses for the things that happen to us.”

In other words, if you pay attention, it’s possible for you to feel physical symptoms when someone thinks of you.

What are the symptoms?

Knight includes sneezing, a burning sensation in your cheeks or ears, goosebumps, hiccups, eye twitching, and the feeling of being touched.

So, when you think about him, do you feel any of this? If so, there’s a chance that he’s thinking about you when you’re thinking about him.

But what’s the explanation?

“You may know that our thoughts have their own energy. They have a huge impact on the things that happen around us. Our thoughts can move us to do something or discourage us from something. The same thing happens when your thoughts are directed to someone else,” says Knight.

To be more precise, your thoughts create a type of energy that can be felt by the person you’re thinking about – and the other way around.

That’s why we often experience these symptoms when someone directs their thoughts to us.

So, whenever you feel one of these symptoms, know that someone’s thoughts are affecting you.

6) Pay attention to emotional symptoms

In addition to the physical symptoms, there are also emotional ones when someone is thinking about you.

The most common one is when your mood suddenly changes. You may start feeling happy, excited, or sad. You may go through emotional shifts for no apparent reason.

Here’s the confirmation:

“When someone is constantly thinking about you, they are sending energy your way. It is this interference of energy that is triggering a rollercoaster of emotions in you. If you are experiencing mood swings, it is a psychic sign that you are in someone’s thoughts.”

One way to recognize when he is thinking about you is when your mood changes. So, to find out when he is thinking about you, you’ll have to pay attention to your mood.

In this regard, it would be very effective if you could keep a journal. Write down any physical or emotional sensation that occurs and also when it occurs.

By doing so, you’ll be able to see a pattern. The chances are that you’ll notice a certain frequency at which he thinks about you.

At this point, you’ll know whether he’s thinking about you and when.

And that is how you’ll find out if you think about each other at the same time.

7) Keep track of your dreams

The next way to find out if he is thinking about you when you’re thinking about him is to pay attention to your dreams.

Here’s the confirmation:

“When you find the same person appearing in your dreams, again and again, it is a sign that the person is thinking about you.”

However, as you already know, dreams are really complex, so even if you often dream about him, you’ll have to find out the meaning of your dreams.

While there are numerous ways to interpret a dream, the best approach is based on your intuition.

If you try to decipher your dream using general symbolism, you might get the wrong meaning. Instead, pay attention to what you think your dream means intuitively.

Dreaming about him, again and again, may mean that he’s thinking about you. But when?

Your dream might indicate when he is thinking about you. However, dreams are not often too revealing. They leave a lot of room for interpretation.

Why is that?

Since you are the one dreaming, it would make no sense to see symbols with general meaning. Instead, what you’re going to dream about is something that has a personal meaning for you.

For example, you may not think that red roses are a symbol of love, but something else entirely. In this case, you’ll not see red roses in your dream even if it’s a romantic dream.

The only exception?

In case the man you are thinking about is your soulmate or twin flame, they might communicate with you through dreams. You could see the world through their eyes. But, this is a story for another time.

8) Try to send him a telepathic message

Is there any other way to find the answer to the question “Is he thinking about me when I’m thinking about him?”

Yes, there is!

Let me explain:

If you think about him and he thinks about you at the same time, you should be able to send him a telepathic message, right?

Since he is already tuned into you and receptive to you, he might receive it.

You see, telepathic communication used to seem impossible but since then, it has been scientifically proven to be possible.

“People have now telepathically communicated with each other, monkeys have solved problems as a connected hive mind, and humans have even been given telepathic control of a rat,” says Alistair Jennings, a contributor at Inside Science.

This means that it is possible to both send a telepathic message and receive one.

However, if you have a deep connection with him, you might not need to be part of an experiment to experience telepathy. All you have to do is to send him a telepathic message.

How to send a telepathic message?

According to NyRee Ausler, here’s how:

  • Visualize the intended recipient
  • Feel the intended recipient
  • Make your message clear
  • Send your message

If you follow these steps, you should be successful at sending a telepathic message.

How would you know if he received it?

To know for sure, you could ask him a question, or you should ask him to call you. Pick something palpable that you can check and see if it occurs.

If he responds, you’ll have your answer!

9) Check to see if he’s manifesting you

Did it cross your mind that maybe you’re not thinking about him willingly? Maybe he is manifesting you to think about him and wonder if he’s thinking about you.

That’s also possible!

Jennifer McVey, a spiritual director, says that “someone might be manifesting you if you can’t stop thinking of them or you keep running into them.”

Can you relate? Have you been thinking about him a lot, and have you been running into him often?

If so, he may be manifesting you!

How does this work?

Here’s a definition by Tchiki Davis, Ph.D., a writer, program creator, and well-being expert:

“The word ‘manifestation’ means to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality.”

To be more precise, he may want you to think about him and for that to happen, he puts his thoughts and energy into making it a reality.

At the same time, you might be doing this as well – consciously or not.

Let me explain:

You might manifest him to think about you when you’re thinking about him and this might work if you put a lot of energy and intention into it.

So, this could be why you ended up asking yourself: “Is he thinking about me when I’m thinking about him?”

Who knows, he might be asking himself the same question!


If you really want to find out if he is thinking about you when you’re thinking about him, you can do so by trying the ways listed above.

You can’t go wrong if you try more than one way to find out the answer to your question.

Start with whatever feels comfortable and then try another way if you feel that doesn’t work for you or if you need additional confirmation.

Have fun trying all the ways to find out if he is thinking about you when you’re thinking about him!