100 third eye chakra affirmations to reach your spiritual destiny

It’s easy to assume that the lives we lead are all of our own making. But there’s far more to life than meets the eye. Every soul—and that includes yours—has a destiny to find and fulfill.

It might seem daunting to know that there’s a goal we are fated to achieve, and yet be unaware of. But there’s no need for you to remain in the dark.

In this article, I will talk about your spiritual destiny and 100 third eye chakra affirmations you can rely on to reach it.

Do each of us really have spiritual destiny?

The answer is, definitely.

You might sometimes find yourself wondering the reason you even exist in this world. Just who are you, and what part do you have to play?

Perhaps you find yourself looking at other people, thinking “they already do what I can do, and better,” and feel worthless. It’s almost as if you can just disappear right at that moment and nothing will change with the world.

But that couldn’t be further from the case.

All of us have a spiritual destiny that determines the path our lives lead to. You would notice it as a natural, subtle predisposition that will eventually guide you to your fate.

Finding and pursuing your destiny is a life-long goal. And you’ll know when you’re in the right direction, because as you draw closer and closer to your destiny you’ll feel fulfillment like never before.

This is because you achieve a heightened level of spirituality and your soul is in tune with the universe around you. Everything you do moves you toward your spiritual calling.

It is like following what others would call “gut instinct”, or when you can see the outcome of something based on a past experience and you say “I knew it”. But on a much grander scale. That’s your spiritual destiny.

Remember, you are constantly experiencing life as a journey with choices to make. It is not something passive that you just leave be.

You actually shape who you become. And even if you become greater than who you are today, you will still always be inherently you because of your spiritual tendency.

The seven chakra at a glance

Maybe you’re already familiar with the word Chakra or have encountered it at least once from a philosophy class or yoga.

The word “Chakra” literally means “wheel” and refers to energy points in the body. They are an ancient and complex system and the study originated in India.

There are seven main chakras located along the spine. Each one is supposed to be opened and kept aligned for energy to flow freely. Each corresponds to specific nerves and organs in the body that affect our physical, emotional, and ultimately spiritual, well-being.

Why you are feeling a strong pull towards something, what you would refer to as a spiritual calling, is because your energies have an inclination to move toward a certain chakra.

  • Root Chakra/ Muladhara– This is located in the tailbone area, anatomically at the center of the body. If your energy is dominant here, food and sleep are most important.
  • Sacral Chakra/ Svadhisthana– Its location is just above the pubic bone. If you’re someone with dominant energies in the sacral chakra, you’re likely to have hedonistic tendencies. You want to enjoy life, to seek pleasure in all forms.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra/ Manipura– If your energy is dominant in this area located in the upper abdomen, you are a doer. You like it when things get done, and because of this you might find yourself leaning towards fields where you get to affect change, such as politics and industry.
  • Heart Chakra/ Anahata– Located at the center of the chest, this is the heart of creativity. If your energies naturally gather in your Anahata, then you’re a creative person. You are not content to simply consume the fruits of other people’s creativity—you want to create and share the fruits of your mind.
  • Throat Chakra/ Vishuddha– The chakra of communication, but more importantly, the center of power. It is located primarily at the throat but it includes the areas of the neck, shoulders and jaw. When your energy is focused here, you exude power and confidence.
  • Third eye Chakra/ Ajna– Located between the eyes. When your energy is dominant here, then you are intellectually inclined. You’re more eager than most to question and to seek a different perspective. This chakra is also related to your intuition and is central to any effort done to look into your destiny.
  • Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara– The location for this chakra is at the very top of the head, although some experts would say it lies higher, existing way above the body. Because when you open the crown chakra, and they say it’s not an easy feat, you can become unreasonably ecstatic. For most people this is dormant.

The third eye chakra: All you need to know

The third eye chakra is all about premonition, self-realization, and perception.

It relates to your higher consciousness and spiritual contemplation. The third eye is not entirely physical so you can turn it inward. You see things differently because of the spiritual connection of inner and outer worlds.

It is the sixth of the seven chakras, so you could literally call it “sixth sense”.

Sanskrit: Ajna, which means “beyond wisdom”, to perceive or command

Location: The center is located between the eyes, and encompasses the brow area including the brain and the pineal gland that governs your body’s internal clock and dictates the circadian rhythm.

Element: There is no particular element, however it is associated with light and illumination. It is as if, when you open this chakra gate, light flows from within you to brighten your path, wherever it may lead you.

Symbol: A downward facing triangle and lotus flower with two petals. This represents enlightenment.

Color: Indigo, the color of wisdom and inner knowledge

Crystal: Amethyst or purple sapphire, or violet-colored crystals to balance this energy.

What is it for?

The third eye is often associated with the occult in common belief. The word itself brings to mind associations with clairvoyance and mysticism. But there is no expert consensus to prove that the third eye is the “window to the spiritual world.”

When you speak of the third eye in terms of chakra, it is preferable to simply conceive of it as part of your body’s energy system. It is the inner eye, something cognitive and imaginary.

Your two physical eyes on the body let you see the physical world around you, while the third eye sees beyond and within.

Extra-sensory perception is what some would call the effects of an open third eye chakra gate. Its intuition sharpened to its most ideal.

Signs of third eye imbalance

  • When the Ajna is blocked, you may feel close-mindedness. There are physical, emotional and spiritual signs when this happens:

1) Headaches

2) Dizziness

3) Eye strain

4) Confusion

5) Feeling of loss of purpose or emptiness

6) Anxiety

7) Self-doubt

8) Sleep disturbances

  • When your third eye chakra is overactive, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and this could disorient you. There is a sense of paranoia or you might experience hallucinations. Some say it is like you had too much caffeine. This happens when the gate is opened but you have no support or balance of the other chakras as well.
  • When it is underactive, you feel like you cannot concentrate, or there is mental fog. It causes you to be too fearful of uncertainty and you are unable to self-reflect.

How to open the third eye chakra

Due to its mystical background and folklore associated with it (Shiva’s third eye shooting fire beams), people tend to fear the third eye. But that’s the opposite of how you should react to it.

At the most fundamental level, opening your third eye chakra is simply about seeing the world for what it is.

You are intellectually realized. You are at peace.

The main organs associated with the Ajna are the eyes and the brain. So when you keep these organs healthy, so is the flow of chakra through your being.

1) Open your mind

Read books on different thoughts, or new literary pieces, so you can gain a new perspective of what you think are ordinary things and see them through an unfamiliar lens.

Talk to different people about different areas of interest to gain insight into their experiences that might change the way you view your own life.

Broaden your horizons. Rather than always staying around the same people you’ve always hung around with, go forth to meet and understand that which you’ve never truly understood with an open mind. Challenge your own perception of reality.

Even listening to a different genre of music can invigorate the third eye chakra.

2) Meditate

There is a form of meditation called sun gazing or candle gazing, and this is especially effective for the third eye because its element is light.

Behold the sunrise and sunset, and contemplate the sights you see. Engulf yourself in a light-filled room to bask in the brightness. You can also relax in a meditative pose and a straight spine to focus your energy between your eyes.

You can couple meditation with affirmations to make your practice more empowering. There are more of these later, but in a nutshell these are statements or phrases you can recite to purge negativity out of your system.

3) Yoga and exercise

Yoga poses focusing on the third eye are mostly inversions that require great amounts of concentration, thus forcing your chakra to open. These include the Eagle, Downward dog, head stands or forearm stands with the legs above your head. But gentle poses are also there for a light stimulation like the Child’s pose which puts a slight pressure on the forehead as you bend your body and your head touches the mat.

4) Supplementary diet

It is a given that to have a sound mind, one has to have good physical condition. Choose purple-colored vegetables to activate the third eye.

Eggplant is a versatile vegetable you can cook many ways so you will find no problem incorporating it in your diet. Try to include purple cabbage, beetroot or plums. Purple yam or ube is perfect for desserts as well as blueberries.

Foods with high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids are also excellent for the brain and boosts your memory for mental acuity. Try salmon, shrimp, nuts, mackerel, edamame, chia seeds, and don’t forget dark chocolate for the occasional sweet treat.

1) Aromatherapy and crystals. You can easily get into a more relaxed state of mind when you immerse yourself with calming aromas from essential oils like frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, lavender and ylang-ylang. These aromas promote a deeper connection to the world around you and mental stability.

In the same way, you can surround yourself with crystals and stones associated with the Ajna. They are believed to have healing properties that can sooth a turbulent chakra.

How the third eye chakra can make you reach your spiritual destiny

“What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

You might have heard of this quote from a famous children’s book, “The Little Prince”.

It relates wonderfully into what the third eye is all about. The eye(s) mentioned are the physical eyes but the third eye is something that sees beyond what we need to merely exist.

The third eye elevates all of life’s experiences when we see fully, in the truest sense things are meant to be seen.

Your reality and beliefs are determined by what you choose to see with your Ajna. When you tap into it, you have a heightened sensitivity of the world around you and your eyes become “truly open”.

As the highest chakra in the physical body, when you achieve an open third eye, you subject yourself in a spiritual contemplation and there is personal revelation. Your purpose is unfolded before you and your path lights up so you know where to go and what you are here to do.

The third eye chakra sheds light on things that were previously in the dark or uncertain, things unforeseen. To accept our purpose, our spiritual destiny, we have to look inward to otherwise see what is beyond what’s in front of us.

When you open the Ajna and keep it in perfect balance, you will have the eye to see through material existence and this brings joy and harmony to the human experience.

Your consciousness will be crystal clear. Your life path can no longer be disturbed, and you will achieve stability. When you see things for the way they are, when your intuition is strong and you follow it, you will be at peace.

How affirmations can help

Affirmations are an effective way for you to balance and open the chakras.

They are in the present tense to emphasize your present state and to constantly remind you of where you are in connection to the world around you.

You can write them down in a journal expounding on how each phrase helped you the most with your goals.

You can say them to yourself quietly while you go on with your busy day, or you can dedicate a small portion of your time to fully engage in a meditation process with these affirmations.

You can also say them out loud to boost your self-esteem.

These affirmations are important because they are specifically targeted to open the third eye and help you process your thoughts into reality.

100 third eye affirmations to reach your spiritual destiny:

1) I am at peace with myself.

2) I nurture my spirit.

3) I am open to inspiration.

4) I listen to the wisdom of others.

5) I learn from my experiences.

6) My intuition guides me.

7) I accept ideas different from mine.

8) I inspire others.

9) I am here on a mission.

10) I am sensitive to the needs of my body and spirit.

11) I am on the right path.

12) I am in balance.

13) I am honoring my role in the universe.

14) The universe guides me.

15) I am open to novel thoughts.

16) My life moves in the proper direction.

17) I am true to myself.

18) My past is part of me.

19) Everything will happen at the right time.

20) I am connected to everyone.

21) I do not go against the flow of nature.

22) Everything I need is within my reach.

23) I am always expanding.

24) I see my life’s purpose.

25) I am in tune with my spirit’s needs.

26) I see the bigger picture of things.

27) I am one with nature.

28) I act in accordance with my spiritual purpose.

29) I am important.

30) I find opportunities to grow in every situation.

31) I am open to new experiences.

32) My mind is powerful.

33) I do not reject new energies.

34) I tap into my inner wisdom.

35) I see beauty in everything.

36) I know things that enable me to live a fruitful life.

37) My intuition is accurate.

38) My senses guide me to the proper way.

39) I am not alone.

40) Answers come naturally to me.

41) The universe is rooting for me.

42) I have foresight and vision.

43) I follow my inner guidance.

44) There is wisdom in all things.

45) I live without fear.

46) I discover unique ways to tackle my problems.

47) I listen to the voice of the universe.

48) I steer clear from delusions.

49) I discern truth from falsehood.

50) I do not allow obstacles to deter me from my path.

51) I am open to new possibilities.

52) There is wisdom from all beings.

53) I am an extension of the universe.

54) I live courageously.

55) My life is sacred.

56) I am sensitive to signs directed towards me.

57) I connect to my higher self.

58) I move towards my own destiny.

59) I do not dread the uncertain.

60) The universe is my guide.

61) I listen to the voices of others.

62) I am attuned to the sounds of life.

63) I have a soul in this human body.

64) There is a reason for everything.

65) I do not disregard my feelings.

66) I am not discouraged easily.

67) I have human experiences that extend spiritually.

68) I am capable of achieving my dreams.

69) I am in a state of what is real and what is yet to come.

70) I am part of a divine plan.

71) I am on a journey to enlightenment.

72) My intuition is clear.

73) I am aligned with the purpose of the universe.

74) For every darkness, there is light.

75) I choose to move forward.

76) I am free.

77) My perception goes beyond the usual.

78) The unseen is a normal part of my vision.

79) I see beyond the material qualities of things.

80) I refuse to stay ignorant.

81) I am a vessel.

82) I let energy flow through me.

83) I go beyond survival instincts.

84) I live with intensity.

85) I am open to experiencing things differently.

86) I am the light.

87) I turn barriers into opportunities to explore new paths.

88) I am limitless.

89) I can change.

90) I am indispensable.

91) The universe is my teacher.

92) The world needs me because I have a role.

93) I let go of anything that hinders me from achieving greater heights.

94) I am ready to fulfill my part.

95) I let go of my fears.

96) I learn from all beings.

97) I let love guide me.

98) I am destined for great things.

99) All things are within my grasp.

100) Life flows through me.


No matter what other beliefs you might have about the third eye, it’s important to remember what the third eye chakra itself is about—It’s about looking into your inner self, to introspect and see things as they truly are.

And it’s this sense of awareness of and connection to the world around you that will help you in your quest to seek your spiritual destiny.

You are more in touch with your intuition and the faint threads of fate.

You might feel like you’re just another face in the crowd, that there’s nothing you can do that other people can’t do better. But that’s just wrong. You have a destiny, and eventually you’ll find your worth.

If you don’t achieve it in this lifetime—unfortunately some people just don’t have the fortune—you can rest assured that you will in other incarnations of your eternal soul.

But of course, why set it aside and wait when you can try to pursue it now?